27 Selena Gomez Braless Images Prove Why Justin’s Still Crazy For Her….!

Selena Gomez has abundantly been flopping her bosom by going braless on many occasions and obviously, it’s considered fashionable. But. I think it’s all about personal comfort, even though many express their displeasure outright on this braless issue. We all know Justin and Selena were a lovable pair once, but they had a break-up and now, they are back again, after Selena’s break-up with Weeknd. Now, what could be Justin’s motive to be back in Selena’s life? Well, these braless images prove one thing only, as to why Justin is still crazy for her. What is your opinion on this?

1. This is what many girls must be feeling, watching Selena Gomez going braless “She’s so lucky that she doesn’t have to wear a bra.”

2. The bosomy braless Selena Gomez breasts swaying with the nipples pointed is just too sexy.

3. Selena going braless most of the time prove, that she likes to feel the clothes on her bare skin.

4. When you have something natural and sexy, why not flaunt it? That’s exactly what Selena is doing.

5. There are no bra straps to slip off her shoulders or underwire to adjust when it digs into her skin.

6. No matter from which angle you view her, she looks elegantly sexy.

7. Those natural shape of her boobs with the perfect mini circles staring right at you is simply an awesome view.

8. Her breasts do not need much support as many thicker ladies need.

9. Selena Gomez likes to go natural and ditches traditionally structured bras for a more relaxed, simpler look.

10. She finds that going braless and without makeup is making her more popular.

11. Whether it’s small or big, they are both great because all breasts deserve options and some respect.

12. Right now, going braless is part of the natural fashion cycle, which Selena is following.

13. October 13th is observed as ‘No Bra Day’ a fight against breast cancer, by encouraging women to leave their bras at home.

14. Selena Gomez has reunited with her ex-boyfriend Justin and she says it’s all about growth.

15. Going braless can feel as freeing as slipping out of a pair of stilettos after a long day.

16. A study has shown that going braless reduces shoulder pain and that wearing bras can actually increase sagging.

17. The appearance of her bare breast underneath the fabric makes it completely see-through.

18. There is no crazy feeling more liberating than going braless.

19. Many women experience instant gratification of being without a boob holder. Selena Gomez goes on to prove that.

20. Choosing not to wear a bra is a perfectly legitimate choice and not some crazy fashion.

21. Many women prefer going braless because bra causes sagging of the breasts.

22. People consider braless as taboo since breasts are taken as sexual parts of the body.

23. The real reason bras are worn so much because they’re a modesty tool, hiding the shape of breasts and nipples.

24. In the case of Selena Gomez going braless is because she looks extra gorgeous and cute.

25. A view from the side also goes on to prove how free are those breasts undercover.

26. Wherever Selena Gomez goes, cameras begin popping because Selena’s crazy braless outfits pop out plenty and these images prove how well she can carry it.

27. Now all these images really prove, why Justin is still crazy for Selena Gomez.