After Eviction From BB House, Benafsha Posted Serious Message On Instagram and Unfollowed Priyank!

Obviously, challengers are investigating every possibility to make their stay in the Bigg Boss house to the extent that this would be possible; in any case, expulsion is a cruel reality and Benafsha Soonawalla is the most recent one to confront it.

As we as of now disclosed to you that Benafsha has been removed from the show, she has all the earmarks of being very bothered about it.

When she was in the house, she made news for her asserted undertaking with co-challenger Priyank which drummed up some excitement. The couple were getting comfortable and Ben approaching Priyank about his affections for her further stoked the fire.

It’s not clear as to whom she focused on but rather the reports say that she unfollowed Priyank and Varun both. In any case, few individuals are of the assessment that despite everything she takes after Varun.

Discussing Benafsha, she has a place with a prominent Parsi family and is worried about her picture being censured in BB house.

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