Benafshah Gets A Harsh Punishment From Bigg Boss For Pulling Aakash’s Hair!

The force of debates in Bigg Boss 11 is expanding step by step and a few cases have abandoned us shocked. Monstrous battles are exceptionally normal in this reality appear, however this time, it’s an abundant excess.

As of late, we saw a high-power battle between group Aakash Dadlani and Team Benafshah. Aakash’s affirmations made Benafshah incensed; she lost cool and soon, her companions Priyank and Hina interceded and hammered Aakash.

Benafshah got so bothered that she truly pulled Aakash’s hair. All things considered, she got physically savage, which is against the standards of the house thus she needs to pay a substantial cost for the same. Despite the fact that Benafshah said that she pulled his hair coincidentally, nobody will hear her out.

Benafshah’s discipline!

Benafshah got a hard punishmentfor her demonstration. Select reports uncover that she has been designated for one week from now’s ousting. Bigg Boss has something more in store for her; well, Benafshah has been sent to Kaal-Kothari i.e. imprison.

Not just this, she additionally got a ton of reaction from Bigg Boss and got cautioned to not turn to physical brutality once more.

This discipline will be a lesson for everybody; they shouldn’t break the principles of the house, on the off chance that they wish to play safe.

Give the show a chance to unfurl!

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