Bigg Boss Got Its 1st Finalist? you’ll Faint to know The Name Of The Contestant!

The game is in the semi-finale stage and also the 2 contestants who are safe this week are Puneesh and Akash.

We saw the inmates fighting over their rankings, however, Puneesh and Akash managed to get the first 2 spots by taking part in the common man card and that they got saved from nominations as Bigg Boss later declared that the highest two contestants are safe.

Now Luv, Hina, Vikas, and Shilpa are nominated but there’s a catch because the voting lines are closed in the week, therefore there can be a surprising mid-eviction or no eviction at all.

A task will be conducted for the ticket to finale during which every contestant is going to be given a bag with the name written of another contestant. The contestants will pretend to walk on a track of mountain and empty the bag of the contestant that they are carrying.

Puneesh got into the limelight once he had an affair with Bandgi and they each indulged in naughty activities but once Bandgi got evicted, he has been quite inactive.

Who does one suppose are going to be the opposite contestant to win the ticket to the finale? allow us to know your views.