Here’s How Much Salman Khan Is Taking Home Per Episode For Hosting Bigg Boss 11

Genius Salman Khan will be back on your TV screens from October 1 with a standout amongst the most dubious reality shows of all, i.e, Bigg Boss. This will be the eleventh period of Bigg Boss and it is the eighth time that Salman will have it.

Intriguing topics in each season:

We have seen that the creators of the show attempt to explore new territory and interesting in each season. This time additionally, they are expanding the interest of groups of onlookers through their astonishing promos and the topic that they have thought of in BB11 is “neighbor or padosi.”

Salman used to charge Rs. 8 crore for every scene in the last period of Bigg Boss. In any case, do you have any thought what amount would he say he will bring home for one scene of BB11?

Any conjectures?

Attempt indeed… .

Salman to take Rs. 11 crore for every scene:

All things considered, the “Sultan” performing artist is charging Rs. 11 crore for every scene this time which implies that he will win Rs. 22 crore for every week from the truth appear as he is seen just on Saturdays and Sundays.

According to reports, with a specific end goal to give Salman a raise of Rs. 3 crore for every scene, the producers are not paying anything to ordinary people.

That is positively an astounding sum yet the creators are content with it which demonstrates that Salman must assume an imperative part in getting great TRPs.

So would you say you are sitting tight for the show to begin?

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