Three questions (king)

Part -3

At that time, the monk was digging the ground in front of his hut, seeing the king, he welcomed him and went on digging. The monk was a thin and weak body. Every time he moved his shovel on the ground, the king would laugh at him. Gone and started saying. Wise monk, I have come to you to answer three questions. OK mango. How can I find the right time to do the right thing? Who are those people? Who can I need the most? And on whose side I should pay more attention than others and which works are most important and which I need to pay attention to firstly, the monk listened to the king carefully but gave no answer. He just spit on his hand and started searching again. The king said, “You are tired The king said to the monk that you are your own and give 4 to me so that I can do your work and you are not troubled.

said the monk. When the two beds are dug, I stop and he is washing his question again. The monk did not answer again. He just stood up and extended his hand to take the powder and said but the king did not read it and came to know that an hour had passed, then another hour the sun started hiding behind the trees. Rajan.
Put it on the ground and said, “Wise man, I came to you to answer your questions.” If you can’t give me an answer, let me know and I will return home. Call a monk, look and see someone running here. Let’s see who is the king, he turned his face backward and saw a man with a scar running from the forest, he was holding his stomach in his hand and bleeding from under them. When he came near the intention, he fainted and fell to the ground. Radha and the sannyasi together loosened the man’s objects. He had a deep wound in his stomach. The king washed the wound and tied it with a handkerchief with his handkerchief but the blood The king was not stopping every time he took the husband down to show him that he was stunned when the blood stopped flowing at the end and the man went to patrol and asked for some freshwater to drink. Came and gave him a drink. Meanwhile, the sun had set in and the weather had cooled down. Therefore, with the help of the monk, Radha took the injured person inside the hut and laid on the bed there. The man closed his eyes and calmed down. The king was so tired because of his journey and for so long that I lay on the ground and soon fell asleep. He slept all night when it was early morning so it took him a long time to remember where he was and who was still that bearded day lying on the bed and looking at him with his shining eyes. The bearded man said in a slow voice, Forgive me, he said this when he saw that the king had woken up and was looking at him. Radha said I do not know you and I have no complaints. The person said that for which I should say you, you do not know me, but I know you, I am yours.
I knew that you had gone alone to meet the monk. And I was determined to kill you on return. But the day passed and you came to load. So I came out of my hiding place to find you but your organ guards recognized me and injured me. I somehow escaped from the bleeding. I would have died if you did the strip of my village. I wanted to kill you and you have saved my life. Now if I live now and if you want to, then I will serve you as your most lord Bhakta Das, I will tell my sons to forgive me as well. The king was delighted to hear this, so easily he ended hostile hostility with his father-in-law and had received him as a friend, he did not give him time only. But he also said that he would send his servant and his doctor for his service, he also promised to return her property.
The king left the injured man there and came out to the verandah and looked around for the monk, before returning to the palace, he wanted to pray once again to the monk to answer his questions. The monk was sitting on his knees once. In his works, he was sowing the seeds which had been given to him on the previous day. The king went to him and said that the last time in intelligent beings I pray to you to answer my questions. The monk looked at the king who stood near him. Said your question has already been answered. Raja said how did you answer what do you want to say? Sannyasi said, can you not understand that if you did not take pity on my weak body and did not dig for them from here and went my way from here, that man would have attacked you and you would have What was the most important time, regretting coming near the net? When you were saying that I was digging, I was the most important person and to do good to me was your most important job. Later when that man came to us running away, the most important time was when you were serving him. Because if you did not strip his village, he would have died without reconciliation with you, so he was the most important person and remember what you did with him was your most important work. Remember there is only one time that would be sexual. The present time is the most important time. Because this is the only time. When we have any power. He is the most important person. With whom we are at that time because no one can say that we were able to have a relationship with someone else, or from now on, the important task is to do well for that person. Because for this purpose only God has given us human life.
In this manner, the king got the answer to all his three questions and the sanyasi had given him the answer by practical. And we also get the same education from it that our present time is the most important.

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