Kriti Sanon Won Nothing to hide Award. Twitter Slammed The Award Show!

For people who don’t like going out on New Year, Award shows are the perfect means to get some entertainment. Performance by celebrities makes it all the more attention-grabbing. However, we all grasp that many times, celebs have slammed these shows for not being very credible.

Every year, we see one thing new being added to the award shows so as to make all of them the more exciting. this time too, we were stunned by the addition! In Star Screen Awards this time, an innovative category was added and the name was totally weird. Well, they introduced the “Nothing to hide” award and no one might understand what it truly means.

Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon got this award & they too were totally clueless regarding the same. Twitter tried hard to work it out but failed. Have a glance at the reactions;

Did you understand the meaning of the same? Let us know right away.