Lockdown in town

Rohit is so busy with his worldly work till the middle of his youth that he felt work and money was paramount above love in life, despite being married and daughter, Rohit’s love for money and longing did not diminish but he These days people were feeling strange in the down. Suddenly one day Rohit’s tree slipped on the floor and his ankle got hurt when falling, Rohit said that due to this injury, his daughter sometimes does massage work on him and sometimes he does not do any work for him and in the evening, he would turn around by supporting him. When Saras mother-in-law of love knocked on the hard bone of Rohit lying in a dormant state when he was handling it, people would not be down, I would have realized that in reality the family love Krishna has no place.

From this story, we get an education that no matter how busy we are, it is necessary to take time out for our family.

Stay safe saty home



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