Made-Out With My Best Friend On New Year While We Were Drunk…!

“I am an average looking girl who loves to go out for shopping, enjoy rain and sunshine at the same times. I’m not an introvert, I’m an Extrovert!”

This is my story, I know people always start to judge me but on a serious note, I don’t care about others. I and my best friend always hang out together but this time something happened really weird.

So I had a small gathering at my house on New Year where a few friends came over and we were drunk. The whole night he was just putting his arm around me and steering me to sit next to him where we would cuddle.

I was really out of it and would lean on him because I could barely stay upright. He was a little sober than I was and he kept making comments on my body (how nice my cleavage looked or he would slap my ass) and then we were sitting down and he was holding me close to him and he asked to play truth or dare. Someone told him to just kiss me already and next thing I remember was making out with him.I still remember those eyes…that cute face of him…he was so amazing…I started to kiss him back even with more passion. he grabbed my waist and kissed my neck. we were completely got lost with each other. he takes off my clothes and I just followed his instructions to do the same, he kissed me on my breast passionately and I started to moan…it was a pleasure I guess.

The foreplay was amazing. I was on the last day of my period so I told him he didn’t have to perform oral sex on me. Before he entered me for the first time he said (in a thick accent), “First I am going to put on this Swiss lube and then I am going to go inside of you”. I was so tight (I couldn’t even use tampons before losing my virginity) and it hurt so bad that I started crying and I kept making him stop. He then said, “I kind of wants to put a pillow over your face”. And we had sex first time in our life, it was amazing.

It was for like 15 minutes or more. During this, he kept asking if we were a thing or if this was just a hook-up and I didn’t really respond, we just kept kissing. He also kept saying he felt bad because he felt like he was taking advantage of me since I was so out of it.

We haven’t talked about it at all and we haven’t even talked at all, really. It’s like kinda awkward just because he’s not hanging out with all of us in hopes that it’ll all “blow over.” Tbh, we aren’t even really that close, we just started really talking about 2 weeks before. I have always had like a mini crush on him since he’s chill, really really funny, and he’s cute too.

He used to always make little things that would make me think he kinda had one on me (one time, our guy friends were messing around with me and poking me because I’m extremely ticklish and he told them to keep their hands off HIS girl). It’s just really confusing and even though I kinda might like him, I wouldn’t care if it was just a drunk thing as long as we could just go back to normal again. I guess my question is: Was it really just a drunk-thing, or is there any possibility that there’s something there?