Me And My Best Friend Make Out For The First Time And I Felt That Pleasure…!

When I was 15, my best guy friends were in a band with a guy from another school, Sam. He had blue eyes and a jawline so perfect Michel Angelo may have carved it himself. He was a year older than me and could drive–I think you get it.

As we were returning from a friend’s wedding, I was dressed beautifully in a red saree and he could not take his eyes from me. He was blown up and could not control anymore.He locked the door and said he wanted to have me from long and my beauty is killing him and not letting him sleep at night.

As I too was waiting to have sex with him, I too didn’t oppose. I just smiled and nodded my head. He lifted me up and with a sexy smile took to the bedroom and said let’s start our journey of love. He put me on the floor and admired my beauty with hunger in his eyes.

He came to me and kissed my forehead and said, you are killing me and he slowly pushed me to the wall. He kissed my cheeks, my earlobes and finally my lips. He was horny by now and started to kiss me hungrily, biting my lips, squeezing my hips and my back. I too became horny with his passion and started to kiss him. He started to bite my lips and squeeze my boobs hard. He came to my neck and started kissing me all over and unpinned my saree and dropped it.

He started to kiss my cleavage hungrily and was squeezing my boobs. I moaned in pleasure as his manly desires were eating me. He came down and kissed my waist by holding tightly and kissed my navel. He inserted his tongue and kissed it again and again. He looked me in my eyes and said, you are damn sexy and it’s mine. I hugged him and said, it’s yours only. He kissed me hard by holding my waist and pressing me against his body towards the wall.

I could feel his erection hitting mine lowers. I hugged him tightly. He slowly removed my saree completely from my body. I was only in blouse and petticoat. He admired me and lifted me and took to bed and made me lay down. He came top of me and started to kiss.

By now I was wet down. He kissed my lips passionately and started to squeeze my boobs lightly first and then harder.I was feeling pleasure. He started to remove the hooks of my blouse one by one slowly kissing it. I was squeezing the pillow with pleasure.He gave a bite to my boobs. It was heaven! He turned me around. My back was facing him.

He removed my Dori and kissed my back. He slowly came down and kissed my lower back. He started to wet my back with his kisses. It was building pleasure in me. He lifted me and removed the blouse from me completely and admired me.

I slowly started to remove his shirt from his body and started to feel his manly chest. He smiled and hugged me tightly. I could feel the heat of his body. He smelled damn good. I started to feel his upper body with my hands and kissing it.

He closed his eyes feeling pleasure. I laid down me on top of him. I slowly kissed his manly chest kissing his navel and circling his nipples. He started to feel pleasure. He pulled me on him and started to kiss madly. I was still circling his nipples.

I came down looked at his eyes and started to kiss his nipples and slowly biting circling the other. The pleasure was building up in him. He pushed me on the bed and came on top of me and started to kiss me madly squeezing my boobs hard. I started to feel pain and pleasure. He was pressing my lowers. It was paining but still was in pleasure. He unhooked my bra and threw it.

He squeezed my nipples harder, kissing me he took my nipples into his mouth and was sucking it madly. It became red and bite marks were there on that. He slowly came down, kissed my waist and navel and undid my skirt lace and removed it in one go.

He started to smell my pussy and licked my panties. He removed my panties looking into my eyes. I smiled and closed my pussy with my hands. He tickled me and I had to take my hands from there. He saw my little hairy pussy and kissed on it. He started to slowly open it by smelling and licking it.

Slowly he found my hole and started it rub it and slowly started to tongue fuck my pussy. It was extremely pleasant. I was moaning with pleasure and pulled him more into my pussy.

He squeezed my nipples and started to pleasure my pussy. I had my first orgasm and I was tired and moaned in extreme pleasure. He did it harder. I made him stop and said I had it. He smiled and hugged me tightly and said it’s time to pleasure me. I said done.

He removed his pants and underwear. I saw the thick long dick. I was blown up, I touched it and started to kiss it and slowly licked it and putting it in my mouth. I could feel the pleasure building up in him. He pushed me on the bed said I want the pleasure of touching your pussy with his dick. I said it’s all yours but I am a virgin. He replied even I am. We are in love, nothing matters.

Now he slowly came on top of me, kissed me, squeezed my nipples and sucked it. He slowly started to insert his dick into my pussy. Though I was not virgin I could feel pain by the size of the dick. He slowly kissed me and said I love you more than myself honey. Now you are mine in all ways, my girl. He kissed my forehead and started to give strokes squeezing my nipples and kissing me. I could feel that his dick is touching my womb. It was soo pleasureful.

He lifted my legs and put it on his shoulders and started to give strong strokes. Ahh, the sound was coming out of my mouth without my knowledge of the power of strokes. After few min of strong strokes, I could feel his dick growing inside me. He kissed me harder and squeezed my nipples. I could feel the heat building up in me and I climaxed.

After few strokes, he too climaxed and laid on me. We both were fully satisfied. He kissed me and said this was the best in my life and I want you to be mine for a lifelong. I too agreed, we laid like that naked for some time and washed and returned to the home.