Mumbai Kids Who Met Justin Bieber Mistook Him As ‘Honey Singh’ And Watch The Video Here!

Envision strolling into a room loaded with individuals and they are altogether energized seeing you however exactly when the get out your name, they confuse you for another person? All things considered, this may have happened to Akshay Kumar for Justin, yet it additionally happened to Justin Bieber himself.

Ouch, that would without a doubt hurt him awful. Keeping regardless of such jokes, something truly funny occurred amid Justin Bieber’s Mumbai trip.

The 23-year-old vocalist touched base in Mumbai on Tuesday night for his show at the DY Patil Stadium on May 10. Prior to his gig, Bieber visited over the Maharashtra capital – he tasted espresso at Starbucks outlet and furthermore met some ghetto kids.

The video of Bieber interfacing with the underprivileged children went insane viral yet we as a whole neglected to notice something!

A video going insane viral on the web has children tending to and yelling Justin as “Honey Singh aayo hai,” which implies the children mixed up him for our desi rapper.

Yes, that really happened. Also, the video is a proof that children were energized in light of the fact that they thought they were meeting Honey Singh on the grounds that we question if those children knew who Bieber was! Lol. Right away, watch the video ideal above and have a decent end of the week.

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