My Uncle Tried To Rape Me Even As His Wife Slept In The Same Bed!

We keep hearing horror stories about the different abuses that women undergo all around the world. Our families and friends always told to be careful when we step out because our environment isn’t safe and people aren’t good.

But what if we are not safe in our own house?

I am a teenage delhite girl belonging to a middle-class family where I was always told that I needed to be careful because people could make life hell for a girl.

About a month ago, I went to my aunt’s house. She stayed with her husband and two children who were almost the same age as me. We cousins love each other. We had a good evening with nice food and spent quality family time, making fun and cracking jokes.

My aunt’s husband suddenly started appreciating me, saying that I was smart and I should have had a chance to go to a good college (which I couldn’t get because of the financial crunch in my family).

To impress me further, he also said that he wanted to sponsor my education. I was so happy that he was thinking about my future and showing more concern than my own parents.

We talk till 12 in the night and finally, it was time to sleep. My aunt’s home was newly furnished and they had an AC in one room only. We were thinking about where to sleep and the only place left was with my aunt on her bed. I was about to sleep when her husband suddenly said that he was finding it difficult to sleep on the mattress on the floor.

When he came on the bed, I felt awkward at first, but then I thought that he was just like my father.

I started falling asleep again when suddenly, I felt him brushing my hair with his fingers and I got scared. I got slightly annoyed and shifted a little, but he pulled me close to him and started breathing down my back. That’s when I realized that I was in a terribly uncomfortable situation. I tried escaping from his grasp but he wouldn’t let me move. He suddenly started rubbing his enormous against my waist, that was literally weird experience ever. I was so stunned at that time and was not able to think anything. I really wanted to cry and scream. He slid his hand under my t-shirt and started squeezing my boobs. I was in pain but I was afraid too. And then I just murmured something and, luckily, after a few minutes, my aunt turned to my side and he suddenly let go of me.

Finally, I got some space to escape! That was truly a sleepless and horrifying night. It made me realize how I was not safe even at home.

Next morning I called up my father and said that I want to come back to home. He asked me that was there something he needs to know? I said no, everything is good here just wanted to meet you all. And then I went to my hometown back with my father and just thanked God.