Punjab Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi wants To Kill Salman. Sends an Open Death Threat!

Salman Khan is currently riding high on the grand success of his latest release Tiger Zinda Hai. The film verified to a giant Blockbuster and at the same time gave 2017 a good finish.But looks like problems for Salman himself aren’t ending anytime soon. Earlier there have been protests against him and Tiger Zinda Hai as he allegedly hurt the emotions of an explicit caste by using inappropriate words at a tv show. And currently, he has received a death threat.

Yes, Salman Khan has received a death threat as he was in Jodhpur on fourth January concerning the hearing of his blackbuck poaching case. The person who has given the death threat to Salman Khan is Punjab’s infamous felon named Lawrence Bishnoi.Bishnoi has reportedly brazenly threatened to kill Salman and he desires to try it to take revenge on Jodhpur Police. wondering what’s the relation?

Well, Bishnoi has 20 cases of snatching, extortion, carjacking, and theft against him and as per the HT reports, he was presented within the Jodhpur court yesterday for the murder case of a bourgeois named Vasudev Israni.

Bishnoi has been defendant of murdering Vasudev but he says that the allegations are false. He says that he was in custody when Vasudev got murdered.Now he desires to kill Salman and during this method desires to show the Jodhpur Police a lesson. Here’s what he said-

“I can murder him (Salman Khan) in Jodhpur solely. I will be able to turn tail from police custody whenever I would like however I’m not escaping from custody anytime presently. Now, if the police need me to do some major crime, I shall kill Salman Khan which too in Jodhpur.”

Reportedly, Lawrence belongs to the Bishnoi community that had filed a grievance against Salman for alleged cookery the vulnerable chinkaras. They think about him a villain.