Shah Rukh Khan’s Tweet Was Found To Be Copied…And Twitter Did Something Unexpected!

Writers do a lot of struggle in coming up with creative and unique works!

It takes a lot of g in order to write something that touches hearts. However, it’s equally disappointing when someone copies this creative work and fails to give credits to the same.

The Internet is so advanced that plagiarism goes beyond control sometimes. But did we ever expect SRK to copy something and not give original credits? Of course NOT! Sadly, he has done so and is receiving all the flak on social media.

While announcing the title of his upcoming film “ZERO”, SRK wrote a tweet in Hindi. Many appreciated him for his choice of words, but at the same time, there were voracious readers who caught hold of his plagiarism.

SRK should have at least given him credits, don’t you think so? Here’s how people trolled SRK left and right…

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