The Gateman’s gift – Short Story

When many people secretly or in the open start to doubt a person’s mental health, then the person begins to doubt themselves that the people who are silencing these groups are not true and Govind The same happens with Singh, which happens at the first rate and how can you make friends faster for common people. What would you say to a person who walks around with an envelope in hand and pleases. Please tell me what’s inside it. It should be clear and openly see that this advice also leaves him. No, this cannot be done even by saying that one starts going to another friend or acquaintance. Everyone would have given him the same advice and thought that everyone had gone mad. Then someone said, even if you do not want to open with you, you want to know this. What’s inside it then take it to the X-ray institute. This suggestion was given to him by a former and compounder living in the front street. Govind Singh asked, “What is this? It is explained to him.” He asked, where is he. He was told the way to the X-ray Institute of the city before telling what happened after that. I want to tell about the past history in his life. The name was recommended for concierge jobs in England or England. He liked this work very much. He had a khaki uniform emblazoned on his shoulders. He was given a small stick. Bay Dun Raya also sat on a stool at the entrance of the office. When he stopped at the entrance of the chief, he would stand up and work like a soldier, more than 100 people worked in the office. At the end of the day, when the office hours were over, the waiting general manager would wait to step over and Shankar would stand in Savannah’s soil and after he left he would go on to make more than 100 staff members. Huh. The doors would close and Singh would take his stole and put it under his life and place his stick on it. Then I would come out and lock the main door. In this way, after spending 25 years in the job, he prayed for pension. He doesn’t think about retirement right now. If his eyes and hearing power are not weak. 4 her manager’s position on CDO. Were not heard and I could not recognize him even 10 yards away. He was presented to the chief who looked away from the papers and looked at him for a moment and said, we are very upset with your work and the company will give you a lifetime ₹ 12 pension. Singh hit his adia. The mother stepped out of the room, carrying her mother and a student filled with gratitude and pride. This was the second occasion when he was spoken to by that great man. The first time was on the first day of his service, when he was standing in his place, the chief had looked up and asked for action as he entered the office. Who are you? He told me, I am the new concierge. After that day, the chief again spoke to him today. Singh is his master on both occasions even after speaking very little. Overwhelmed by the word whose eyes were like God and if God spoke once or twice in his life, it was enough that in moments of contemplation he would think about the words uttered by his mantra and his personality that life was easily cut off was. The pension and whatever his wife used to do in some homes by washing and cleaning, was enough for him.
He would go out to eat and meet some of his friends and sleep. He spends some of his work sitting at his cousin’s cigarette shop. This stream of his life was interrupted when. On the 1st of every month, wearing his old khaki uniform, going to the old office and saluting the accountant sitting at the counter, the pension payer would sometimes stand at the roadside waiting for those who would sit idle when the office was closing. Salutes them, He had a lot of free time. In this situation he came to know a new thing about himself that he smells of clay and wood dust. It can happen when suddenly one day a child in the locality garlands his doll.
Brought to him to get him to vote. He not only repaired it but made a new thing. He was so pleased with this discovery that he soon became engrossed in it. In the backyard of his house, he would find a lot of yellow clay and bought colors to eat some wood sawdust from his cousin’s cigarette shop. He found that his time was passing too fast. He would sit in the front of his house and bend down on the soil and create a small world. What do all the colors of life do while they are there and animals but With the amount of clay between his height, he makes the whole city and village. Many people can be seen sitting on your office door
When he was a sentry there was a beggar in his small world who would pass in front of the office in the afternoon and was a satirical painter for the face of a cucumber seller. He would not need everything with soil. He was a wonderful sound reflection of the world and he would place them on small pieces of wood, which would increase his attraction even more. He kept them at his cousin’s shop. Everyday they are attracted to the middle and they are sold out soon. More pleased with the sale would have been felt when people surrounded the video’s artworks and praised them. The next time they went to take the tension, they took a street scene with them that day to be their best artwork but an accountant. Praying in the hands that please give it to the officer. Okay the accountant smiled and said. This caused a sensation in the office and the daily tasks in the office did not go well for about half an hour. Then took another model in the next pension day. Children playing and given over the counter. Do you like the former, yes they liked it, please give it to them and put that model on the counter. On the day when the mind would come to seek tension, it was the custom to take the artwork made by clay for its master. Every time his biggest reward is the accountant’s answer to the master. It was very nice when asked the accountant what sir said, in the end he made his masterpiece. He modeled the front section of his office which I myself occupy. Entry Gate.
The car is also a major part of it. It seemed like a conversation to write a mixed model that he would have missed his office days forcibly watching her. He gave the model on the counter on his pension day that caused quite a stir in the office. Also, in this model, you too shouted and looked at Singh with praise. Suddenly Singh was held by a sister. He asked, I hope the master would not be offended. No no, why would he be angry.? Accountant said and Govind Singh went home with his pension. A week later, sitting on the platform asking for soil, the postman came and said, there is a registry letter for you.
Any letter to me could disturb Singh, he had received less than 3 letters in his life and every time they remained annoying to him until he was read out and now a registered stone goose Was the first registered letter of Only lawyers send registered letters. How not. Rakhi said, yes it is more so, he said, take the money back. I do not want this so he asked, did I say I did not refuse to take them. Take it back and tell me I haven’t met, it’s not me
I can not do this. Being serious, the postman said that Govind Singh had no choice. He signed and took the packet. He sat sadly and a truck started staring at the ground. His wife, who had gone out and had just returned, gave the condition of her husband and asked, “What is this, he can hardly speak, this is our waste. He started crying.” His wife looked at him for a moment and went away to do some domestic work. When you came back and saw your husband in the same state, then why not call it and see?
Get someone to get so frightened, raise your hands up, woman, you do not know what you are saying, it cannot be opened. Perhaps they have written that my pension has been discontinued. Apart from this, do not know what else sir, why do not you go to the office and find out from the people there, I will not show my face to us again. Singh replied that in his whole life, no one has ever said anything bad against me and now thinking still shivers with fear. I knew that I had trouble creating an office model. Saying more deeply, he said. Whenever I used to take something there, people used to gather and all the work stopped for about 1 hour.
All these things must have reached the ears of the officer. While saying the same thing, when I took a letter, he kept moving around. The taste of his food kept on going. The scene was extraordinary, with scattered hair spreading here and there like a light cycle. His soldiers are life. He was accustomed to being clean. His wife’s peace of mind kept on losing and she started feeling sad for him. He would keep writing letters in the account at the intersections and ask whoever he found there. Please tell me what is in it but there I do not accept the suggestion that open it and read the paper inside.
Thus when one day the compounder suggested that an open thing is detected in the X-ray institute, he went straight to an institute located in Race Course Road without spending any time. When the need entered inside the door, there was a corps watchman at the door. Some people were sitting on the couch reading books and magazines. He took a look at the person at the turn and then began to read as he stood at the door in a state of uncertainty, Vind Singh. An assistant came and asked, “What do you want?” Singh raised the letter in a state of uncertainty and the Mercury came. Can I know what is inside it, as much as I have given clear suggestions, but Singh said, he says that you can tell without knowing what is inside. The assistant asked, where did you come from? Singh told about his life, work and outlook.
In my life till date, nobody has ever done anything bad against me that I knew, trouble is going to come. There were tears on his cheeks. The site looked at him with Ajit sir. Just like the first 20 people saw him, he smiled and said, go home, relax, you don’t get well completely. Maybe I took it in my hand, what’s in it. Looked at him carefully and said, “Should I open it? No,” Singh shouted and snatched it back, it was visible in his eyes.
Everyone gathered there looked at him and gave a slight laugh in their eyes. The assistant kindly placed his hands on her shoulder and took her out. First you get well then, come back I say, you are not well, he thought about this while returning home, why do everyone treat me like I am a mad man. I too came to his mind when I stopped right in the middle of the road and shouted. That is it. Is this the thing? Mad crazy, he happily got his serial so that he has just come to know the whole truth. Now he understood why people look at him strangely, that is he started laughing loudly. Finding this, he got a strange relief. I was crazy and did not know that he thought about the events of the past several days. I felt insane with every little work done by him, especially doll-making. Is any wise person incomplete in office for 25 years? Will make clay toys after doing job. He felt as if all his limbs had become completely independent and therefore did not want to keep going from his normal years. He fed his arms up and down and ran with it. He ran through the street of the market and when people started to see him, he shouted, “Oh don’t laugh at the madman because who knows you too go crazy if you start making clay dolls and cut the war in their midst.” Sap syrup When he saw the children coming out of school, he felt that it would be good to be happy by behaving like a leopard. Hence your hand there.
Walked on his knees and moved towards him with a fall. It reached home in a very scary condition. Mirchi was grinding in his wife’s backyard. Seeing her, she said, what is this, her hair was covered in road dust. His body was stained with mud. He could not give an answer because his throat was happily throbbed. Imagine the young man, what happened? His wife asked, what is it that he said, I am mad, he saw his working basket in the corner, the soil in it. Removed it and made a top of it and just kept it on. The latest agriculture of the tract was maintained. Since the last time Jagran came through the office, he was engaged in building an ideal village. It was in a shining group, a misty road carrying red carriages with a coconut tree and a water pitcher carrying the carriage of the village women saris to her.
Memories of life. He got this inspiration from the memories of life in the village.
This was his most enjoyable Arya enjoyable act which he took. He lived in a state of supreme bliss while working. I will keep it for myself as a memory of my father’s village as he announced. I will display in this one exhibition wherever I will give medals. I used to protect him like a treasure. When Rangeela was there, he did not allow his wife to walk for 10 yards. Stay away, we do not want the dust of your feet lying on this village, now in your own madness you started to understand it properly. He raised his leg and crushed them all to form a multi-colored jam. Were still heartily wet. He picked up the marmalade and said, throwing it at a donkey. If it looks good then it is empty, it is a good village and I had to go round for the second time. He was upset that he was stepping into the same caste. Was taking deep breaths. The mud cutoff was worn on the head, out of which his bad hair was peeping. The captive fingers behind his arms were holding the envelope of that bank and why the face was furious, he walked on the market road. Realizing on which earth that same person was the only person, he had provided infinite, freedom, strength and stability. The comments of the crowd and the fun she was seeing were not affecting her.
When he was walking like this, his eyesight on the high light of the street, the shape of the fruit of the papaya is boasted proudly and smiled for a long time there was a desire in his heart to hit him with a stone. Now he realized. I am free from temporal shackles in my blissfully independent state and do not need to retreat from any of my states. He picked up the pebble and hit it with a glass, the sound of breaking glass was like music to him. A policeman placed a hand on his shoulder. Why did you do this? Sean seemed angry, I like to break the fruit of the glass papaya. That was his answer. The policeman said, “When I was in Mesopotamia, at the police station, once, they once kept me on half the punishment.” He said and to the police station.
Walked there, stopped another head and said this road is not straight. He had some carts and bicycles coming towards him. He saw that everything was wrong about him and he needed some advice. It stopped in the middle of the road and spread its arms and screamed, the cars stopped. The bicyclists got down and Singh started lecturing while I was in Support Alia. I tell you people who do not know anything about anything. The policeman dragged him to one side and pointed to the vehicles running again. A bicyclist who had started cycling, got down from his seat again and came near him and hey this is lion. What a weird costume it is. What is it that even in the fog of his madness, Singh recognized that person and his voice.
Singh, an accountant, collided his adia and saluted him. Sorry sir, it was not my intention to stop you. You can go He showed the way generously and the accountant saw the letter in his hand, despite being stained with dust and mud, he recognized the letter. He asked, Singh, you got your letter. Go by hand, don’t talk about it. The accountant said, what’s the matter? She snatched the letter from his hand. Why did not you open it? The general manager is very appreciative of the artistic models you send and offers a reward of ₹ 100 and hopes that it will encourage you to continue your interesting hobby. Every word of this was narrated to him and a check of ₹ 100 was accompanying him.
A large crowd gathered to watch this scene handed in. Singh took the letter with his eyes. He beat his head and said, Sir, whether I am mad or not, you look quite fine, you are not mad. Accountant Bola Singh fell at his feet and cried crying, God is Sir who says that I am not mad. I was very pleased to hear this. On the next pension day, I came across the counter in the office in a neat and clean condition. Giving him the envelope, he asked, what toys are you making now? He said, “Nothing Sir, never again, this is not an arrangement for a single minded person.” He took his pension and walked out of the taut office.

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