The old kitchen in the corner of the house

Part -2

Till now the daughter-in-law had not given her own opinion in that house. Radha Bhabhi Ji looked at her plate, horse Kusma didi straightened her veil to hide her excitement Papa ji turned towards Kishan. The look is small and the drain is also bad. If the maid washes the dishes there, then the whole kitchen is filled with water and father, if you dry clothes outside the window, it also gets torn. He looked at Kishan and the saving architect agreed with his wife, Papa ji, which she says is fine, why don’t we do this? And when did you go to the kitchen? Kishan when he had prepared food for us from Mysore, this was the onion and chilli or chopped for him. Didi said it seems like that for you. Give me the gold bangle and finish it. Never take care of the bangle Papa ji though you can give me a ring Papa ji gave new room is complete. The condition of the kitchen remained unchanged. Both lines of the line for drying clothes increased. Outside the window, Father of Peace was disturbed, the woman of Mysore, you have not been living here for many generations, why do you need a mountain, why do you need its greenery? needed? What is the possible relationship between Rajasthan’s eating rituals and the window and washbasin? A woman with black skin.
Black skinned woman who does not look at your head, you who talk too much, you have decided to my son, my son does not listen to us as you say. For the first time of the night, peacocks started speaking on the Dal so early as at 3:00 pm. One after the other in his shrill Karan Katu Apache Broken Music and there when Kishan came to the open terrace at 5:30 then a turn on the front tree widened his tail as if the sim had sold the mat as soon as it Which flashes of soft green and dark blue and then Pune dark green maximum green?
In an extremely unexpected way it flew over the terris and sat on the wall of the Munday while feeding the wings of its reach, then both Rai and his two without spreading their boss before you could turn around and come this time their tail. The wings were so long that the whip spread inside a naivety and a coolness. As the weight was getting lighter, the wings like very small pieces of dark blue and green ice immediately silenced the show. He turned his tongue over Kishen’s mouth and kissed her softly, a kiss that was like thin ice cubes. Bhavesh was hidden inside him.
The door of Paris was awakened by Chakra or elder Jeeji. She came to collect coal from the big drum drums kept near the door and pick up the stove to burn the stove. When Dadji was 17, his father remarried. From a young girl who was also 17 years old. They had five daughters in the following years. Papa ji was the basis and comfort of his mouth, he was the only one named GG, there was only a gap of 2 years between him and GG. She was completely without teeth. He refused to get fake teeth. Claiming why they do not need further teeth. Now they had given up eating meat, the elder GG was gone. His silver-filled pies were ringing on the stone stairs.
Meena Can I bring tea for us? Meena said ok bring you tea. As soon as he was gone, Kishan opened his tank water tap water, washed his mouth and cleaned his teeth Kishan in a live covered kettle. He brought tea when he put it down and two cups of tea Delhi. It had the aroma of ginger and basil plow. The only morning star in the sky shone the peacock. Spread its green and blue color. I came down from Jasidih, the big JG was sitting in the corner of the kitchen, while he was blowing hot tea which Kishan had put for him and got hot, was holding it from the end of his dupatta. Hot water was pouring in the big kettle which had tea leaves.
Can I have flour for breakfast? Elder Ji asked, Papa ji has gone to visit. They are gone, they will bring samosas and jalebis, we will only need some friends. Which I will put on a roster, what kind of food style will be made today, then only Meena speaks of our style of Silly or Mysore. She and Kishan came to vegetables and coconut yesterday. What kind of base is there to eat with coconut?
Big JG, just do one thing, grind some turmeric and ginger. We will make a casserole of the month. For me, add some cucumber to the grated curd. We will make some koftas. Then I want you to touch some love. Really good please i want to ask something different world. Tonight Radha Bhabhi ji brought a train out of the kitchen for potato cabbage 34 and when is it ok, Meena, what are you going to cook today? Nothing, today we are going to the mountain of Ganesh temple. Very good Meenakshi went to the kitchen to prepare a round of tea, the elder GG opened his mouth without a tooth to smile. He moved his brass cup of brass. I also want some tea. Should I get some ginger? You make me like that very much. An order from outside the kitchen is usually given to everyone.
I have brought samosas and jalebi. Put some jalebi or hot milk in it, Meenakshi took the packet of jalebis to the kitchen and started to open it.
Elder GG pointed to Meenakshi Meenakshi turned back. Elder GG said, “Give me 4 Jalebi, it was a war to eat. The main characters were GG Badi GG when Grandpa was alive, Elder GG ruled with full form and dictatorship.”

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