The old kitchen in the corner of the house


Amba always choose those moments. When Jiji and Papa used to sit in the evening with their papad and their wines, first of all it is the deepest sound that came out from the pit of the keypad. When those people ran to them, losing with fear, Tavya shouted with anger Have you forgotten me? At that moment JG bowed down and asked respectfully Ambe, please command us. Give me the wine that I have the right to give me saffron musk. I want kilo barfi, I want fried meat and when they are given all these things, sometimes you all go away from here and for some time, in the voice of making fast Comes from the sister’s room the next morning was difficult to take the lids off their wines and get the big sister kitchen with your dentist without a smile. She says Ambani has given me a lot of trouble. It could have been possible that words would have been exchanged with the elder GG but the GG did not have the courage to ask questions to Amba. The elder Jeeji said, “Give me Jalebiyans.

Meenakshi gave them 4 Jalebiyans. When Jalebiyans were served to the whole family, it was for pure greed for the elder Jeeji to get his fair share.” At first Meenakshi used to shelter where the elder Jeeji hid these things. It was only later that he realized that in the rain unit rate of 4 yards which the big Jeeji wore, there were many secret JBs who showed him to Meenakshi. He made tea port. Give me a mixture of spices before you are given the Kadak
The elder sister said and I also want that this was a recent attack in the fight to make meat casserole. GGK asthma and blood pressure limited their activity somewhat. Close to his bed was a wooden cupboard in which long saffron cinnamon dried mint, cardamom sugar, cardamom sugar, ghee and cashew kept. You could not reach these things without going ahead of them. Before that, harsh questions were asked to you. Why do you need what happened to what I gave you yesterday? If half a bowl is left after reading the chapati ho, then now a quarter bowl should be sufficient before you show me all the mixture of spices that you have taken.
Saffron was specially ordered from Kashmir, do not put it in casserole, what are you cooking for vegetarians today, is there anything left for them from tomorrow. What is the use of just eating food and then going to the toilet?
From the kitchen with the light illuminated by the temple lights there were those that arrived to control, like the 8 flexible thin elements of the octopus that live in the seaside. He proceeded to tie them tightly and the women accepted these bonds with joy if their waist was tied, they said gem-studded Mekla Karde if their legs were held back.
He called them pajeb, if he touched his head, he called him Taj. Women entered a world which was fallen by wire from all around and ruled there proudly. This was their empire, they used to make decisions that rocked the earth, today we will eat mass casserole, tomorrow this whole spice
When the window was opened the mountain opened to receive the open air blue and green. It was as if their power was juiced out. Like Meena Mausi, Kishan’s aunt Ware was 50 years old and a widow since the age of 15. She was a teacher in a village. She had a room and a terrace at one end of the department that belonged to the school owners. An Ashoka in front of the house. The tree was planted. And behind the kitchen was a champak tree. Whose cream-colored flower and yellow stem was filled with flowers, Belle entered freely through the windows. In the evening, all the children of the neighborhood come to meet their teacher. Otherwise there was a cuckoo song from Ashok Vriksha, but without aunt, I still have no basis. Small children surround them. Calling the teacher, he had full responsibility for the primary education of the school. She will go to the market of her choice
If Behas would have put a cot under the oak tree, she could have shared in the cuckoo’s fellowship and its calling voice. By the time you get their wish soon, Shubham was in a jind election when she opened her door and the white flowers were at a distance of her choice. But Meena Mausi was stuck in her chest with diamonds reaching into the open. Some of them used to walk towards the ground. The foreskins of her breasts became like the uterus of the stone, dragging them down, dragging them down. Surrendering to the ground and forcing them to stand upright
White wings rose high from the shore of the lake and lay down and die as the bird started to move. Meenakshi moved from the shelter to the first class as she appeared as if the bird is six over the entire area of ​​the lake. Dia used to sit on top of its water. His greedy glows from a distance, then rising again, in the flow of his paired wings, separating in a manner, bending to the left and then the arrow now in the air, why the wings of his wings were so close, almost his face was on his face Caucasus was printed and advanced towards Russia. The bird used to come to the Anasagar lake for a few months. Sudden visitors. She was a sudden visitor.
It was decided on the eve of picnic on the lake that there was a plan to share all the relatives on the lake together. Exophoria for 20 people with just a few potatoes and things to chew on tomato sauce 147 Pick up bottles of milk for kids in hot water in class to make hot pakoras in the evening. Stop oil gram flour onion ground chili salt from the green chilli carrier for the hour.

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