The old kitchen in the corner of the house


When the poppy started from 4:00 pm, jiji started mixing with wheat flour in a large tray lit in the kitchen, Kusma was heating the oil in the pan. Radha bhbhii ji was applying butter and chutney on double roti to fry free delivery kudis. Unopened packets of double roti were spread around them. The big Jiji was getting into small plastic bags and filling them with food items and putting them in rubber bands. Meena did not consider this aspect of going to the lion on the lake. I have not you got up Radha Bhabhi Ji said that our hair was sticking with sweat, would you make tea yourself? Meena started making tea for all of them. She made basil leaves in hot water. Kishan cast after brushing his teeth.
While supporting him, Radha Bhabhi ji of clothes in the train was mumbling in her mind that children have to bathe. It would be a good idea to wear two or three extra bags in a plastic bag. Sometimes Priya forgets to ask. I should wrap five or six darya for laying at home. Archana’s baby lecton drinks for the Glaxo menu. The packets of biscuits should not be forgotten. Mine only likes salty biscuits. If not here, we will stop on the way or else the child will not stop crying and he hates that no spoons should not be forgotten. Large tablespoons of serving plates. Take a bottle of soap to wash with this case. There is a tap .
Big Jiji please chop 10 or 15 onions. If we take them in a plastic bag then the pakoras will be made in minutes. Meena please, have you sent the children a bath, sister-in-law is still there. If we wake us up, why don’t they go by going to Gopal Bhai Saheb later, he says yes, I won’t bring them, thinking that Meena gave him tea. He put some tea in the brass mug of elder sister. Radha understood the riots was very fast in mathematics. Because his family was working in a bank not allowing him to study further in this subject, a few months before that he and Gopal Bhai Sahab took the farmer and Meenakshi to spend a few days with him in Jodhpur. Invited for Gopal Bhai Sahab had a really great summer lunch from a doctor there at that time. Whether or not the heat in these parts burns you completely. It is possible to do any work. In the past, Radha went out of the city for a few days from a bank job. I was like this, I could not even stand in the kitchen and you could not even find a servant here. Can you imagine what kind of kitchen I was, I could not even stand in the kitchen for so long to have a cup of tea. You are not cooking on time. Surely, after all, all women have to practice it. True, you could not have expected Gopal Bhai to hurry to bathe the children during his holidays.
Sushma asked Radha Bhabhi ji which saree are you wearing? I had ironed it in my red sari last night and then I was thinking of wearing my white sari with black ants on their clothes and children’s clothes. But my choli needs to be ironed. Will you lend me your black chariot, why don’t you take it but it is outside me. Hey brother, got in this condition, please iron my choli for me, I cannot wear it without stealing outside. I have not saved my Ka’s hair. Make sure you have a long pallu. And cover yourself with it, who is going to come and who is going to print for Joe. Look, don’t try to be Meena’s joke, will you hit the press? Ok, okay, Ji used to hold the walls inside for a long time.
And opened the big jar of the base jiji, what are you trying to do and lie down quietly Radha Bhabhi ji scolded but they will like everything pickle Let me get some pickle What is the noise in the kitchen? You are not allowing us to sleep, a voice came in, peace is still, Meena in the voice, will you keep the potatoes at the small store to boil, Radha Bhabhi ji, why don’t you put spices in them and keep them in the pressure cooker. You do not have to boil them and then peel them.
Then you do that, leave the big jiji to walk the rest of the pudiya as soon as 8:00 am everyone was sweating in the steps and armpits. Cholia was stuck to the body, her eyes were burning with the oil couplet, her eyelashes were heavy due to lack of sleep, Papa ji, inside the kitchen, mentioned the lion on the Juhi jail. All of you started jumping with excitement. She was laughing loudly and making small sounds like hen. Little birds were floating on the water. Was also playing Until the children started pulling them, their backs went away with the old newspaper in their hands while quarreling and pleading with someone’s shoulder, and the child was given a quick slap on the head which was enough to hurt. When the mothers stood up, the little girls took their place. Each time they got up to give drinking water to the men, Radha Bhabhi ji and some mana were plated, then the staff caught Was lit to make stripes. Hey, I am so happy. Please let me just stop with green chili and have a conversation with the children Raju, when you grow up, what are you going to become? A pilot you Priya, I will make chapatti in my house or how she talks very smartly, laughter I have climbed all the mountains, then around Ajmer, Papa ji said, “Jiji, what about you?” Meenakshi asked each time they used to climb a mountain, there was a child in my stomach, laughed openly and everyone with them jiji gave birth to 14 children.

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