The old kitchen in the corner of the house

Final part

The same sari was worn by Radha Bhabhi ji, not Gji’s hair black and with a black thread in which colored phones were started to be given. Chusiya made Kusma the key to his wardrobe. Hung on his waist. I leaned backwards on my bed, after all had gone, Meenakshi sat beside Ji Ji’s hands were placed on her waist. The room was dark but curtains were drawn. JG started speaking medicines due to his fatigue and sleeplessness, his voice was deep. However, skill seems lightly as if this Savani was rotated around and then come back. A red kilt What is this, ji, my wedding kilt was this bright red with gold and silver ornamental rain bangles in the ear twice, with pearls and red and green gems. Another set of earbuds worth five Asharfia of Mungo. The middle jewelery was for a gold vinegar band. I was only 15 years old in a silver key ring when my farewell sent me to my new house when my parents sent me to my ear. Said, the memory of that farewell is still heavy in my heart, covering my head, that which is on me and has set me ahead of me. The nose of his nose was sharp on my face. Take control of the kitchen and never forget to make yourself attractive, these two rules will give you all the power and authority that you will need. Yes, let him sleep now. I remember everything was 5 kg flour multi to make 300 chapattis in 30 days of living at home. The day before that my hands turned blue due to burns. I had severe pain in my shoulder bones. Papa Ji said, Shabbas, you are going to do a great work. He left a long breath, we had a child, a son even before Gopal, did you know that he died at the age of 1 year. Pooja was there that day, every person was in the kitchen. The children climbed the stairs and fell down the wall of Mundel. Avati senior anchor was boarded up. As soon as she heard the scream, she was putting the whole egg in hot oil. The bottom of his skull appeared to be a bit in the pit of my stomach, his brain was scattered on the stone payment. So many men returned, like the white sons of birds. Are you listening to me Tally Mina? Talli Meenakshi, I put the rest of the kudis on GG’s forehead. When the father-in-law died. I did not take any advantage in putting the key in the silver rings of my waist. Make is similar to Queen. Don’t you think GG taught the bird too, was almost asleep. Meenakshi stood down from under false songs and happy with songs. Covered and brightly colored gems were wearing earrings of flowers. She was alone JG and she was alone as Mahavishnu lay on the bed of his serpents on the wide sea. He is in that darkened room. What was the feeling like cutting of a placenta? One cannot say with certainty that this conversation came. It was actually started by him or he came, he had committed his sin, or he came to feel that it was formed because he had imagined it often. It is also not certain that this conversation was only between them, you do not get any powers from the kitchen, nor that incident could not come from these things with the jewels of the gold ring of Nasir’s band Sona Mast. That right belongs to father Get rid of all of that, be free, be free but yourself.
There were still small children who once brought your womb from the womb. If your thoughts were not limited to Mass Pulav Masala, Puri Aloo Kadya, Salt, Chinese Milk Telgi. If you do not have constant worries. How much is the staff light up every 4 days, whenever kerosene is available which has to be purchased and collected, during the rainy season, the rice has to be monitored by spills and lentils can be full of insects. Aadhaar should necessarily be formed in the mango season. When the fruits are ripe, it will be the time of juice and marmalade. Old clothes can be exchanged for new utensils and cuttings. Once a fortnight, a song of Chhath must be selected in the kitchen drain area. If someone’s menstruation comes then it will be a matter of concern. If it does not come then it will also be a concern. If all this noise.
You may have seen the cracks of your brain being filled, perhaps you can also see Sev gathering in a basket of falling tea kettles, exploring new continents, husband sitting on Mount Kailash, writing a poem, painting on the walls of caves and flying. Could fill a world that could be fought without chemical warfare among the group people. Yes, you have lost what you could think of, now your power came from the food which was given in proper amount and when the shop and nights are bent by nights, the forehead will move more deeply. Then you will reach the universal sea. You will attach yourself to the world that surrounds you, your uterus and will fall apart from you. The smell of cooking will disappear. The glow of the jewels will be invisible and there!
She will neither be trapped in the web nor be reduced by gender but will be free. GG Quit the interrelationship and rise up. Get up, Ji changed sides and tightened Meenakshi’s hand
In this story, we see how the lives of women are confined in a kitchen corner and how I am locked between my family and the people around me. They do not know the world outside them independent sky. What is there in all this, how is it, what is freedom, they do not know themselves. How are they confined to just one kitchen corner? How the dictatorship of men is there. This is depicted in this song.
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