The old kitchen in the corner of the house

Part- 1

It seems that Kishan’s father bought that land today in a square fit manner and built a house on it. There was a row of metal rooms in the railway compartments. At the right end of it was a kitchen which was a carefree method with two windows attached to it. There was no channel and a basin, it was not so small that only a plate could not be placed under it, a picture of redness came down from it and without the cover of a wall as the canals were opened above them which stood on the bottom of the feet. Within 10 minutes there used to be a tingling in them, there was a small flood under the feet. That is, the water that was there was sold on the feet.
The feet and the ADA continued to crackle with the fallen feathers, whose mother whom each person called GG, the comfortable ointment bandage ointment the day before the torn ankles
The one who knew how to cook was traditionally given a gold bangle. There were lush green mountains on the outside of the window that looked east from the kitchen. There was a white mark of a temple somewhere on his peak, there was a temple of Ganesh ji, it was a cooking area under the window. The lush mountains could call anyone with torn ankles. But the rows of clothes were directly beyond this window, so the saris and petticoats in the paint kameez hai baja, which were spread to dry, prevent the view of the mountains. As one would see above stepping the pieces of meat, the pieces of meat on which coriander chili powder was sprinkled with garam masala and fed with powdered turmeric and ginger. And I was pajamas dipped in yogurt, whatever anyone saw, whose slogans were hanging down but some. Did not seem to object to this.

In fact, the salary of his life revolved around the kitchen, it was woven around the notion of the kitchen. All the genealogies were those people who used to enjoy eating and drinking, who enjoyed the joy and experience of life, in fact, which marriage and things that Ajmer’s relatives objected to in their marriage. That was to drink alcohol of any kind but no one was served. Even Prasad for his Kuldevi Amba was a liquor that was opened whether it was a whiskey or a desi liquor, it was consumed only when it was first given tilak on the walls written Jai Ambe. In the mouth of a newborn baby. All that first entered was a finger immersed in alcohol while it was a case of what kind of wedding ceremony it was. Well maybe there was no need for Rimjhim Vicky but. What about his own orange colored Kasur Kasur made in Ajmer? After all, it gave such excitement that went directly into the mind of the person. Finally, how could anyone marry in such a way? They asked him without horse and liquor which is suitable for a warrior. Marriage can take place. Older women, who had a large amount of flowery lehengas dyed in dark brown, green orange and dark red on their heavy challenge, got their bangles.
He was shining and moving. He raised his silver edged veil to ask him if there was anything to drink. On those days when JG could move here and there, I would start walking papad at exactly 7:00 After getting ready and waiting outside the verandah and after finishing his work, GG would bring in the spices for him with sour spices in a plate and be called from Bikaner as soon as the papad is over. Area which is why there were a lot of tongue? If exhausted systematically, they are fried deep in maize pakoras or peanuts or dipped in gram flour and they sit opposite each other and start with Jai Ambe if the son is even more
Had I been here, the whole family would have been involved. Jeeji would sing some rural songs. If you meet, don’t bring me a drop of hair and a bright colored scarf for me to wear, Papa ji, would you still care about these things? Ho always spoke water for tea at a small store in the corner of the kitchen. If anyone who knew who used to come to the door of the house at the time of eating, first of all they used to be entertained with ice cold water, then father would have started. You should eat with us. Give a plate to uncle. I had come to meet him in the same way, I do not want to eat. Yes, but a cup of tea. Do not think that you should not stay, then take coffee on you, this water is enough. How can we always drink you water, at least take a little syrup, okay, she is standing up and keep one or two kebabs in the plate with her cold drink, even before GG reaches the kitchen, Reminiscent of fenugreek parathas that were made that morning, say to your wife, heat two of the fenugreek parathas and put butter on them. They speak to the uncle, take the church, let the visitors concede defeat. Had to be fine then. I will have dinner with you. In any case, JG goes to the kitchen.
The kitchen and its place did not matter to them, it was almost as if such things did not exist. In their family home, a person had to cross a wide stone-covered courtyard and main room to reach the kitchen in a dark corner. A zero watt bulb hung there. The women there seemed to be mere shadows, with their dark lehenas proving that melting in the darkness of the room, the authorities seemed to be disappearing which was also giving tired and was getting flour for chapati or. Aromatic spicy pulses were driving. Now the kitchen was not just a place. It was essentially a lion of beliefs. It was a group to show it really and the human Saraswati, who used to enslave the creature, somehow.
Came from there on one occasion while eating food. Meenakshi raised this subject Papa ji was building a room at the top of the Giraj at that time, Papa ji, why don’t you enlarge the veranda outside the kitchen, if you make it a little we can put some chairs outside. If Tabu and a hand wash are made. Which you can get a real added basin for washing dishes. And then next you can put an aluminum wire to dry the clothes. For a moment, Papa ji looked as if the words giving this opinion had hit him, but Jiji too had shocked him and saw Manush.

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