The Open Window

A quiet 15 year old girl told the visitor Mr Natwar that my aunts are going to come down after a while, then you can spend time sitting with me. Prem Patel tried to say something that the niece found pleasurable at this time and did not unduly underestimate the importance of the aunt which was about to come, in mind, she began to suspect more than ever that after such a A formal meeting with a stranger will help him to diagnose the disease or nervousness of his nervous system, which he was treating. I know what kind of situation will happen. His sister had said when he was coming to this rural area. You will remain isolated there and will not talk to anyone and your nervous system like this. Will become worse due to the sadness of I will give identity cards to the people whom I know there. As far as I remember, some of the good people started to think Phantom that I do not know what the message is. Patleen comes in the category of good people whose name and identity card is brought or not when the niece felt that this quiet conversation or contact between them was enough. It has been done in quantity. Then he asked, do you know many people here? Phantom said, “No one, my sister lived 4 years ago at the pastor’s house and she has given me letters of introduction to some people here.” He said his last thing in a clear sad tone, so you are almost completely unaware of my aunt, the quiet girl asked her.
The visitor said only his name and address. I did not even know that the message actor Saif Ali Turn is married or there was something in the widow room that said that men live here. The girl now begins her story that the biggest tragedy happened to her only 3 years ago. You may be wondering why we keep that window open in the evening of October, and also pointed to the window which opened in lone. Friend Term said that it is very hot in view of this month of the year, but the window is related to the tragedy that had come out of it, 3 years ago on this day towards the aunt and his two younger brothers went to hunt birds. He never returned while actually crossing.
So that they reach their beloved hunting planet. All three were caught in a fraudulent swamp. It was also a dreadfully wet summer, while suddenly without warning, the land that was stronger than the other trees remained strong. 10 Their bodies also did not come. This is the sad end associated with the window of that incident, at this place the bridge of self-control ended in the voice of the girl and she started bringing the girl. The poor aunt always thinks that her husband and brother will return someday. Also, if a lost brown dog would come with him, he would go inside that window, as he always did. This is why the windows are kept open every evening. Poor aunty she gave me until it got dark.
Sir, tell us how those people went out. Her husband was wearing a white raincoat coat on his hand and Aunt’s youngest brother Roni went to sing it. But why do you jump like this, he always used to tease his sister because she used to say that this song sounds bad to her. Do you know that sometimes the evening is as quiet as it is today. I have a feeling that all those people will come in through that window. Vera is telling all this to scare Tail away. With nervousness he postponed speaking. Phantom felt very relieved when he was late in arriving at the aunt. entered the room.
I hope you continue to entertain me. She said, it is very fickle. Phantom said, I hope you have no trouble with this open window. The message was quick to take the oath, “My husband and brother are going to come back home from the hunt and they always come this way.” Vyas are considered birds in the marshland, so they will pollute my carpet. This is the habit of all men. Neither has it spoken about hunting and about the scarcity of birds and about the possibility of having children in winter. Phantom thought it was. All the more frighteningly, they made only a partially successful attempt at a despair to turn the form of the conversation down to another dreaded downstream. He felt that his host was giving him very little attention and that his vision was constantly diverting from him.
Used to go towards the window and lone. He thought in mind that it was also definitely an unfortunate coincidence that he leapt here on the anniversary on this sad anniversary. Doctors are of the opinion that I have full faith. Do not feel any mental stimulation and do not run any physical escape. Prem Phantom told that in his mind too, there was a false belief that complete strangers and people who ever meet with cooperation are anxious to know the illness of the person in detail. They are also eager to know about the cause of diagnosis and diagnosis. The doctors have different opinions about the food and drink they keep on speaking. No. I just said Apple Latin, he stopped his boredom. Suddenly, his face glowed cautiously, but he did not listen to the words of Phantom. They have come and come at the time of fine tea and do not see that I am soaked with mud till my eyes?
Some went to work and looked at the niece and from this point of view as if they wanted to show their sympathy. I was looking out from the open window looking at the girl. The unidentified cold stroke Phantom was walking towards his seat and he also looked in the same direction. They all had goddesses with guns in their hands and one of them carried an extra burden. The white coat clot hanging on the shoulders was near the dog and his feet. When he came near the house without any noise, then there was a heavy noise that I echo, I say. But why do you salute, the friend Muni understands the ghost, the friend has set his stick and with the signal and head Raised and ran out of the recent door and then stone stones and finally escaped through the front door.
The cyclist was coming on the road. I went into the flood to avoid their collision. We came and the person with white raincoat entered through the window. The other one has run far away. Who was the person who ran away as soon as we arrived. A very unusual person was a Mr. Natalie Turn said, he can only talk about his illness and is without goodbye. Shama ran fast, pleading, when you came, it seems as if he saw ghosts. The niece said in a calm posture, I think I was scared of the dog. He told me that he scared dogs. Once the stray dogs had taken him to the cemetery behind the Ganges and had to spend the whole night in the tomb, not one. Dogs were roaring over his head. The teeth were grinding and foam was coming out of the mouth. In such a situation, any person will lose his courage. Do a story in a short time. Was typical of mine.
Vera had that characteristic feature.

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