These Hilarious Tweets That’ll Make Every Vegetarian Go “Omg So TRUE”!

Kaise kha leti hai yeh ghaas-phoos?’ Every veggie lover young lady has heard this line at any rate once in her life, right women? We simply need to tell the world that being a veggie lover isn’t at all extreme, and for the last time, we get enough protein without eating meat (simply get over it)! Being a veggie lover, we get the chance to hear numerous senseless lines that have neither rhyme nor reason. Here are some clever tweets about veggie lovers that’ll influence you to go ‘so evident’! Read on and keep in mind to tag your non-veggie lover companions and disclose to them how irritating these lines are…

1. Is it true that you were conceived this idiotic or did you simply leave your mind some place today?

2. At the point when a non-veggie lover companion says, ‘I’ll take you to a pleasant place!’

3. ‘Is it even conceivable? You should be truly feeble, huh?’

4. That is correct! On the off chance that I hit you, point the finger at it on my ‘vegetarianism’!

5. Without fail!! Has this occurred with you?

6. When somebody says… ‘I am a veggie lover amid the Navratras’

7. In the event that it’s SO great, why not eat it rather than my head!

8. Reward: it accompanies a pity gaze!

9. At the point when bacon is bae for a few people!

In the event that you have additionally heard these absolutely moronic lines, raise your hands!