This Foreigner Has gifted A “BC” jersey And He Wore It. the reason Behind it’s Crazy!

There’ve been many instances in movie industry films once we Indians have created the foreigners speak mean and cuss words by telling them a wrong that means.

Who will forget the means Ranbir makes that building owner speak “Main Kutte Ka Bacha Hoon” in Tamasha? and there are more examples bouncing in my head.

Something very similar was done by a woman to his Ex-English fellow who gifted him a jersey with “Bh****od” written within the center. The guy with an extreme level of confidence and innocence wore that T-shirt publicly.

And once he was asked, if he is aware of the that means of the word that’s written on his jersey, you won’t believe what the same.

A Twitter user shared the image of that guy and told his story.