Three questions (king)

Part- 2

Some people said that there are many tasks that the person has to decide immediately and which cannot be waited for to be put in front of the assembly, so the person should know in advance what is going to happen only the magicians There are those who know this, so a person must seek the advice of magicians to find the appropriate time to do each work
The answers to the second question were also of different types. Some said that the king’s councilors were the most important people for him. Others called the priests the most important. They called the doctors and some others the warriors as the most important. In response to the third question, some people said that the most important thing in the world is science. Others said that the most important thing should be the skill of war and the most important thing for others is recitation and worship.
All the answers were different and the king was not satisfied with any of them, so he gave any reward to anyone. Finally he decided to consult a monk. Which was far-known for intelligence.
The Sannyasi lived in a forest from where he never went anywhere, he never met anyone other than ordinary people, so the king wore simple clothes.
Before reaching the sannyasin’s hut, he came down from his horse, left his limb guards behind, and walking alone reached the monk’s hut.

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