Three questions (king)


Once a king got the idea that I will never succeed in any work. If he comes to know three things, the right time to start each work should be those people who should listen carefully and what is the most important thing to do? Therefore, he made a declaration in his entire state that if he would give a huge reward to that person, he would tell him these three things. Who are the most important people and how can they know what is the most important thing to do?
Many scholars came to the king and everyone answered his questions differently. In response to the first question, some people said that to get the right time to do each work, a person should make a time table and his Should work strongly according to According to him only by doing this, every work can be done at its right time. Others said that it was impossible to know the appropriate time to do any work beforehand.
He said that all the work being done should be given due attention and then what should be done. Some people said that suitable time for one person to do each work.
It is impossible to know why he said that the king should form an advisory council of intelligent persons who can assist him in getting the appropriate time to do each work.
But the king is not satisfied with his answers

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