Tim Cook Isn’t The Highest Paid Employee Of Apple, This Woman Earns More!

Apple is one of those top companies worldwide which grab hell lot of eyeballs and curiosity once it involves their revenues and productivity.There are multiple reasons behind the sky-high success of this company and one is that they extremely appreciate the work of their staff and provides them nice financial edges.

An amazing truth relating to the pay system of the company has come out recently and is giving all the reason for being surprised to netizens.

It has been reported in the latest filings of the company that the chief executive officer, Tim Cook isn’t the highest paid person in the company, however, it’s the senior VP of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendt.

The latest filings of Apple counsel that Angela received a payment of $24.2 million (Rs 154,49,40,100) in 2017 that is almost double compared to chief executive officer Tim Cook who attained $12.8 million (Rs 81,71,58,400). However, the above-shared pay doesn’t embody a share award that Cook received in 2011, that equates to concerning £66.4 million (Rs 572,83,85,082).

The responsibilities of Angela embody looking after strategy, real estate and development, and operations of Apple’s physical stores, online store, and speak to centers.

In 2017, she received a salary of $1 million (Rs 6,38,40,500). apart from this, she was also paid $20 million (Rs 127,68,10,000) in stock, $3.1 million (Rs 19,79,05,550) in performance pay, and $88,000 (Rs 56,17,964) in other compensation.

And to conclude, this is not the first time that Angela has been paid more than Cook. She is obtaining a lot of pay every year since ever since she joined Apple in 2014 and left the profile of director and business executive at luxury fashion whole waterproof.

Isn’t that amazing?