Uber Driver Got harassed By female traveler when He Asked For Fare. Video Goes Viral!

There are several incidents in which the cab drivers of Uber and ola have harassed the passengers, especially the female passengers.

But you’ll be shocked to understand that in a recent case, an Uber driver has suffered harassment from a female passenger.

A video goes viral on Facebook that shows that the driver is requesting the woman to pay the fare but she is behaving in a weird manner and calls the security to get the driver out.

The driver tells the girl that he will forget his fare but at least she should tell him what his mistake is. Despite repeated requests, the girl refused to pay the fare.

She even went on to say that he can do whatever he wants but she won’t pay the fare. He further asked whether she is drunk or what the reason for her not paying fare is.

UBBER के ड्राइवर को payment नहीं करी । ड्राइवर के पैसे मांगने पर लड़की ने की बत्तमीजी । क्या गलती सिर्फ male की होती है हमेसा ? इस video को इतना share करे ताकि समाज में ऐसी महिलाओं के व्यहार पर काबू की जाये । इस वीडियो को इतना share करो की ये वीडियो इसके और इसके घरवालो पर पहूंच सके और इसको गलती का असहास हो । धन्यवाद।I

Posted by NG Yaduvanshi on 28 डिसेंबर 2017

The driver tells the woman that he can forget his fare but at least she should tell him what his mistake is. Despite repeated requests, the girl refused to pay the fare.