Vikas Once went to Cyber cafe To enjoy Adult Stuff. something very Embarrassing Happened

As of now, there are simply seven contestants remaining within the Bigg Boss house. Sometimes, there are several controversies, whereas now and then, contestants are thus smart to each different that they create us forget all those dangerous moments.

In the unseen tadka of Bigg Boss, we regularly come across contestants chilling and discussing some interesting stories of their lives.

Today, we have a tendency to discovered an extra video during which Vikas Gupta discovered the most awkward moment of his life. He was narrating this incident to Aakash, Puneesh, Luv and Priyanka in the garden space and left them in spits.

He told them however he once visited a cyber cafe and faced embarrassment. Vikas and his friends once bunked school and visited a cyber cafe, since they were a brand new trend then.

Like a smart boy, Vikas informed his mommy and even took twenty Rs from her. Well, his friends needed to look at adult videos and Vikas too showed excitement within the same. Suddenly, they detected some noises and after they turned back, they saw a college couple creating come in another cubicle.

Instead of ignoring, Vikas and his friends kept concealed at the couple; who wouldn’t wish to get pleasure from live recreation, LOL!

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This was thus naughty of them, isn’t it? wish to visualize the video of this discussion?