WhatsApp Messages Can Be Accessed Even After Deleting. Here’s How To Do It With A Simple Method!

WhatsApp may have furnished us with a free, basic and extremely viable choice for normal talking however it’s a precarious application to utilize. Despite the fact that it guarantees the entire discussion to be “end to end scrambled” and furthermore gives an alternative to erase the wrong message you erroneously sent to somebody, yet it can even now be recovered.

Frightened? Truly, it’s valid. According to a well known Spanish blog, Android Jefe, The messages you send and get amid a visit can be recovered even in the wake of erasing them. The blog tells, how you can do it with a straightforward technique.

“What we found is that the messages are put away in the notice enroll of the Android framework. In this way, it’s simply an issue of entering that record to see the messages that the other individual erased.”

Presently, this is the manner by which you can enter the record and access the erased WhatsApp messages.

1. Above all else, you require an application named Notification History which you can download from Google Playstore.

2. After you download the application, you have to look through the Android notice log to peruse the message.

3. Also, on the off chance that you would prefer not to take the assistance of outsider application, simply take after this way Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log and essentially get to the messages.

In any case, there are couple of constraints as well. You can recover just those messages which created the notice and furthermore the initial 100 characters of the erased message can be perused.

What do you think about this?

29 thoughts on “WhatsApp Messages Can Be Accessed Even After Deleting. Here’s How To Do It With A Simple Method!

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